Korean-American female producer/singer/DJ SOHMI delivers a scorcher of a track that is ready to take over any club globally with her new single ‘Missin U’, a thumping offering filled with addictive grooves and hypnotic synths that intertwines for a mesmerising performance you can’t get enough of upon your first encounter.

Underneath the blanket of a long-winded voicemail, SOHMI intensifies the soundscape to incredible heights through a key focus on an uncompromising groove in the percussion setting the foundations in tact from the word go, all while the arpeggiated synths rise from the surface and work in partnership with the rhythm section to ensure an emphatic and emotionally-fuelled climax can be achieve. As the booming bass comes to the party, ‘Missin U’ provides a further dose of strength and power in its already commanding presence.

“This is the closest moment to a ‘club record’ on the EP, with a bit more emphasis shined on the drums and groove than the vocals. I still wanted it to feel intimate and personal however, as every track of the EP is meant to feel sort of like a sonic page out of my diary. So the chopped up spoken words throughout the track were sampled from an actual voice message I left on my co-producer Sam’s phone. It’s not an overly complex track, and was meant to capture a simple, fleeting feeling; the rush of leaving a voice message or reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to – but have missed – for a long time.” – SOHMI

Fans can catch SOHMI on her upcoming tour dates below:

SOHMI Upcoming Tour Dates
March 11 – Seattle, WA – Monkey Loft
April 1 – Toronto, Canada – Coda
April 22 – Denver, CO – Regenerate Festival
May 12 – San Jose Del Cabo, MX – Sundream Festival
July 21 – Salmo River Ranch, BC – Shambhala Music Festival

out now via: Thrive Music
artist connect: Facebook l Twitter l Instagram | Soundcloud

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