Over the last few months Swedish producer Slackin Beats has given us a few very cool singles – ‘CROOK’ & ‘IN EVERY WAY’ – which also had him teaming up with Johannesburg/Stockholm artist Kamohelo and came with promise of a whole ep coming our way soon. 

That ep has arrived this week, it’s called “CROOK” and it is a very interesting five-track collection of songs that test the genre boundaries to the limits as they explore this comic book themed world that they’ve created together. 

“When me and Kamohelo made these tracks we wanted every track to have its own theme, both lyrically and sonically. In this comic book inspired world we’ve built, the first song “INCONSTANCY” is about the main character’s lack of consistency, emotion and action. We played with the idea to have an alter ego villain called “CROOK”, where where the toxic masked villain hits the industrial nightclub.  Production wise I wanted to match these different stories and have it energetic, experimental, spacey and weird. The project ends with the track “TIME” which captures the everyday struggles for the main character.” ~ Slackin Beats

out now via: So&Such
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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