Rose Rose deliver a warm dose of funk and groove to our hearts with the release of their debut EP ‘Eye to Eye’, a five-track release filled with glistening instrumentation and crispy grooves that draws comparisons to the likes of The Vaudeville Smash with their welcoming and uplifting soundscapes on offer.

Featuring recent release ‘Sky Queen’ and ‘Sugar Hill’, ‘Eye to Eye’ unearths four previously unheard tracks which picks up on the nostalgic pathway its predecessors have created. This is achieved with a clear focus on a multi-faceted approach in its composition, utilising a heavy amount of shiny guitars and glowing synths & keys to set the vibrancy in tact alongside the captivating and catchy melodies that float majestically amongst the bright soundscape on offer.

“We composed our EP between Paris and London and saw “Eye to Eye” as an opportunity to pay tribute to the sounds that made our teen ages whilst simultaneously reinterpreting them. Although we try to stay very private during the final production stages of our music, the early composition stages of “Charlotte” and “Sky Queen” started collectively, involving friends and family in the writing process.” – Rose Rose

out now via: Neville Street Music
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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