Back in January the masked Parisian producer making himself known as NICOLAS announced he’ll be giving us a new ep later this year titled “EMOTIONS WE TELL OURSELVES IT IS NOT OK TO FEEL”, and this week he is continuing the anticipation-build with another impressive preview.  

This one is called ‘BELIEVE IN YOURSELF’ and it is a hauntingly invigorating slice of indie-dance music with its pulsing beats, spacious synths and dynamic atmospherics.  

“BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” was composed during a moment of uncertainty, as a means of expressing my emotions and empowering myself. I perceive a widespread fear among today’s youth to “not be good enough”. Music has the ability to assist us when we feel lost and can provide us with the focus and clarity we require to navigate this complicated and uncertain world. I hope this can resonate and perhaps even help some of you.” ~ NICOLAS

out now via: Headroom Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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