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Australian newcomer JAKKA is back this week with another very impressive release, this one is titled ‘Borderline’ and it is quite a beautiful future-garage track that is full of emotion and feeling as he relives his experience of frustration and health issues during the pandemic. 

“Wow! Borderline is an interesting one. It kind of marks the start of me diving deeply into what the Jakka project should sound like, learning and finding all new ways of expression during the peak of the pandemic. It had the typical challenges; over the internet vocal tracking with Luke Coulson from the UK was definitely an interesting and new experience. This song was inspired by being pushed to the literal edge in my daily life. The pandemic was not a fun time for me, I had an unexplained headache every single day for around nine months of that year, so I am actually very thankful I didn’t have to leave my house. This song dives deep into those emotions felt; frustration and not being able to see the end to your problems.” ~ JAKKA

‘Borderline’ is also the next taste of his upcoming debut ep which is set fro release in May, so keep your eyes & ears peeled for that one! 

out now via: TMRW Music
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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