Sydney’s Hutcher brings through some absolute fire this week alongside London’s DRIIA and Atlanta-based Naike for a drum and bass inspired collaboration titled ‘Crush’, a track that will instantly lift your spirit with its infectious and uplifting soundscape giving you plenty of reasons to get your boogie on.

‘Crush’ comes in hot from the word go by wasting no time and bringing that thumping percussion through to the forefront of the mix that evokes that early 90s garage sound and is further accentuated by those charismatic vocals from both artists in their respective sections. Hutcher then injects a hefty dose of vibrancy and electrification through the bright synths poking their way through the mix which blends in cohesively with DRIIA‘s heavenly vocals in the chorus sections.

“The song was calling for a dreamy female vocal on the chorus and I sought out DRIIA who had been making some serious moves recently in the UK. I told her that the theme was having a ‘Crush’ and upon delivering her signature vocal I was like, that’s it, that’s the record.” – Hutcher

out now via: October Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud 

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