French-American producer Houis (pronounced “weece”) is coming back to us this week with another beautifully sweet and blissful treat called ‘Can’t Explain’ which has him teaming up with singer/songwriter Foreignlocal for her gorgeous vocal sounds and Ushuaia for his intimately sweet guitar work.

This track draws inspiration from early Tom Misch as Houis blends elements neo-soul, jazz and alternative pop music to create this lush backdrop of atmospheric bliss. 

“I knew Foriegnlocal’s organic and soulful style of singing would be a perfect fit, and Ushuaia’s guitar had a beautiful neo-soul influence which added just the right colour to the entire track.” ~ Houis

Foriegnlocal adds; “The lyrics reflect on feeling so lucky to have that ray of sunshine in your life, feeling their warmth, making you feel loved and comforted whenever they’re around.”

out now via: Lekker Collective
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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