‘Take Me Home’ is the latest single from Australian duo Dual Manner which is an emotionally charged dark-house track that can easily be likened to a mix between RUFUS DU SOL and Running Touch, but they are also forging a very distinct sound all of their own.

It’s also the next taste of their upcoming ep which I must say is shaping up to be quite a treat! 

Stylistically it takes inspiration from artists like Burial, Sorrow and Jasper Tygner in the deep garage scene. ‘Take Me Home’ is a song trying to convey all the grief, anger and self pity that rushes through you at certain crossroads in life. Sonically we wanted to combine the more melancholy and ethereal vibes of deep garage and inject some more techno energy and aggression.” ~ Dual Manner

out now via: etcetc music // TMRW Music
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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