In the lead-up to his forthcoming EP ‘AGENDA’, Chicago-based musician, instrumentalist, DJ, and producer Cōfresi continues to amaze on all fronts with his first release of the year in ‘I’m Not’, a thumping electronic number filled with emphatic instrumentation and commanding groove that you instantly wish to immerse yourself within fully.

Keeping true to Cōfresi‘s fashion, the producer utilises a plethora of instrumentation throughout his journey to raise the bar and intensify the jam-packed soundscape to incredible heights. With a more downtempo feel in the groove, this slow-jam style allows the penetrating synths and robust bass to strike through in the key sections of the release that provide that exertion of passion and power to bleed through the speakers.

“the initial idea for “I’M NOT came together the day after I saw Polo & Pan perform at Radius in Chicago. I was getting deeper into the city’s music scene then and exploring more dance-focused artists. Polo & Pan’s approach to their live show and music struck a chord in me, and this tune was essentially an application of that inspiration.” – Cōfresi

out now via: Cōfresi
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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