If you’re looking for the perfect accompaniment to simply unwind and relax, then we have a treat for you courtesy of the latest EP from NYC artist BAILE titled ‘Ambient Selections Vol. 1’, a four-track release filled with luscious and divine instrumentation that will bring your spirit to peak levels of tranquility. 

BAILE delivers this sentiment of ambience through a collection of atmospheric pads and synths that lather up the mix into a calming state of mind, all while a relaxed tempo comes through the duration of the release that chooses to slow things down and maintain a soothing colour palate throughout.

“This selection of ambient works originated as part of a score for a yet-to-be-released documentary ‘My Friend Louie’. The film explores the life of Louie, a 19-year old trans woman living in Brazil, as she reconnects with her mother and brother at a pivotal moment in her life. It also details the friendship that develops between filmmaker Kyle Morrison, and Louie in the aftermath of their trip, as he works on regaining his sobriety, and she takes the first steps towards living fully as a woman.” – BAILE

out now via: House of Youth
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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