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Coming through with the news of their long-awaited debut album ‘Cleave’ coming our way in August, Vallis Alps continue to stun us with gripping melodies and stunning soundscapes with their brand new single ‘Higher Than This’, a beautiful offering that centres itself around Parisa Tossif‘s mesmerising vocals that soar majestically alongside the powerful instrumentation.

‘Higher Than This’ set the scene beautifully in the initial stages of the release through the instrumentation playing an accompanying role to Tossif’s divine vocals that depict the powerful messaging in the lyrics in a commanding and direct manner. As the track builds, Vallis Alps subtly intensify the mix in the chorus sections with the bass and percussion making its presence felt to strengthen the already jam-packed soundscape that in turn heightens the soaring melodies to reach astronomical heights.

“I am constantly reflecting on my own experiences as a woman in a world that is unequal. I think of the beauty, strength, generosity, and advancement of women, and people in general, who continually choose to move forward despite the hurdles, and the richness of their lives, their friendships, and their inner worlds. They know what’s ‘higher’. When writing the song, I was talking to Vetta Borne who co-wrote a lot of the lyrics with me about how held back society is because we continue to fail to give women equal opportunities than men, and show them the respect and honour they deserve. Until then, we will never know our true potential and what we can achieve in every arena.” – Vallis Alps

Vallis Alps are about to jump on their sold out tour in March 2023 in Sydney and Melbourne. Check out the below dates and get on the Sydney waitlist here and Melbourne waitlist here.

out now via: Vallis Alps
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