Electronica royalty ORBITAL will be releasing their 10th album on February 17th titled “Optical Delusion” (presave here) and today they are giving us a taste of what we can expect with an epic eight-minute jam called ‘Are You Alive?’.

This track has them working with UK brother/sister duo Penelope Isles, who happen to work in the studio above ORBITAL in Brighton.  

“They’re our studio mates, they work upstairs and they’ve both got amazing voices. Are You Alive came about when I had the instrumental and felt it could do with a delicate vocal. Enter Penelope Isles! They took it away and Lily came up with some killer hooks, we spent a day rearranging the song and Hey Presto! Are You Alive was born. But don’t be fooled by the sweetness of the sound, the lyrics have some bite. It’s a dog-eat-dog world…” ~ ORBITAL

out now via: Orbital Recordings
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram 

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