After taking 2022 by storm with a plethora of impressive music under her belt, Naarm / Melbourne based emo-pop artist daine continues to rise at an astronomical rate with the release of her ‘Shapeless’ mixtape, an eight-track release that further hones in on her ever-growing artillery within the electronic/pop space that leaves you in awe with the depth of production on offer.

‘Shapeless’ balances the tightrope between electronic and organic instrumentation, achieving true cohesion to provide us a blistering soundscape in each and every offering within the release that leaves you on the edge of your seat with plenty of impact on its output. With an abundance of inspiration in its multi-genre approach, daine ensures plenty of energy and passion is achieved in every production whilst commanding your attention with her emotionally-fuelled vocals that break through the jam-packed instrumentation base and strike a chord with all within their path.

“Being shapeless is about me transcending the limits of being autistic and transcending the idea of gender.”  – daine

out now via: Warner Music 
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud | Facebook

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