Over the last few months, Australian Grammy Award Nominee artist Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel) has been busy working on a bunch of new material for his 1tbsp project. 

You’ll be happy to hear (I know I am!) that he’ll be releasing his next ep in March and this week he’s giving us the first taste of what we can expect from that with the energising sounds of new single, ‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound’.

“Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound is the first track from a new EP that I’ve just finished, which has been a big exploration in sound for me. I really wanted to find different styles & ideas across the four tracks, and they came together through a lot of experimentation.

I made ‘Pioneer Digital Plastic Sound’ with the idea in mind that there are so many people DJing nowadays, and sharing music through decks (plastic) which is bringing a lot of people together. Hearing music in this way has also shifted the way I find & make music.” ~ 1tbsp

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out now via: sumoclic
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