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Fresh off the release of their first single in 5 years with ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’, Vallis Alps continue to make up for lost time with another gentle and warm release in ‘On The Eve Of The Rush’ that showcases the absolute best of the duo in style, that being glowing soundscape with captivating vocals that you’ll collectively be lost in immediately.

‘On The Eve Of The Rush’ tugs at your heart strings with Parissa Tosif‘s mesmerising melodies that swirl across the soundscape and intertwine perfectly with the deepened beats and rising synths and pads bubbling away at the surface in the verses before they launch with plenty of uplift in the chorus. Once we arrive at the choruses, we are met with an ambient bliss with those haunting vocals encompassing all of the space in the mix alongside the rising synths and keys which provide a significant burst of energy to the already colourful soundscape. 

“This song is a blur of many things around materialism and success – and about how to keep pivoting back to what’s important in life through questioning oneself and our motives. We are all looking for a better life. We all want to keep growing, feel loved and be successful. Writing this song helped me on the path of questioning the effect of the conceptions of success on my life goals and the dreams I have.” – Vallis Alps

Australian fans can catch Vallis Alps on their upcoming tour in March 2023 in Sydney and Melbourne. Check out the below dates and get your Sydney tickets here and Melbourne tickets here.

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