Australian artist Benji Lewis has popped up on our radar a few times over the last month or so featuring on some very nice songs – “Tell Me by Lonely in the Rain” and “is that okay? by Tails” – and he has another one to add to that list this week with the incredibly daydreamy sounds of ‘Here With Me’, which is the latest release from Los Angeles duo, The Lagoons.   

“Working with Benji Lewis on “Here With Me” was a really great experience. The way the song came about is Benji reached out to us with a few vocal ideas he was working on. We really loved this one hook as it sort of reminded us of James Blake or Sam Smith so we began sending ideas back and forth to build it out and produce the rest of the song. What started off as a voice memo turned into this beautiful melancholy song. It was really cool to create this piece of work with Benji while he was in Australia and we were in Los Angeles, doing everything over the internet and not meeting in person until after the song was completed. We hope this song connects especially with those who might be missing a special someone this holiday season and beyond.” ~ The Lagoons

Benji Lewis adds; “I began writing this vocal idea about a year or two ago. I was staying in an upstairs bedroom in this beautiful terrace house and I remember the way the summertime light shone through my window. While I was living in this house, I had a relationship that was going really well and eventually it ended. This song came from how much I missed having that person in my life. I hope it gives you some comfort whenever you need it, maybe just in time for the holidays when and if you’re missing a special someone.”

out now via: The Lagoons
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