Fresh off the release of the ‘Lounge’ EP a couple of months ago, New Zealand artist Late June continues to shine right before our eyes with the release of a new single in ‘Late Nights’ with vocals from RUNN via TH3RD BRAIN, a laid-back offering with a subtle grove and late night inspired instrumentation that elevates to another level once RUNN‘s sublime vocals enter the arena.

‘Late Nights’ lures you in with alluring yet gentle vocals of RUNN that sets the delicacy in tact for the duration of the instrumentation, with Late June restraining the instrumentation to allow the vocals to have the space to carry the emotionally fuelled context through to the duration of the track. Once we hit the chorus, Late June subtly injects the groove alongside the spirited synths and vocal samples that immediately become stuck in your head and get you moving instantly. 

promoted by Willow Artists

out now via: TH3RD BRAIN
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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