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UK artist Couros has a new single for us today called ‘plan A’ which is the second preview of his upcoming debut album that is set for release in early 2023, and it is setting quite a nice level of anticipation for what we can expect form that album when it arrives…

“I get a lot of my emotions out through listening to music and sometimes I need something full of energy to let me out of my head. I wanted it to feel like the music was just as on edge as the lyrics so I was also abusing the tape machine I have to the point of like no return on this haha. One of the sounds I was really proud of was the 808, it’s actually a guitar mostly. A good friend of mine Matt who plays in my live video had come up with a way of making his guitar sound like an 808 with some pedals and when I finished the mix recently I knew I had to add that in!” ~ Couros

out now via: Opposition
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter

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