Dance music collective Associanu and Karma Fields have combined their expertise for an intoxicating and darkened offering that provides plenty of heat throughout its duration titled ‘It Girl’, which sees Grammy-nomiated Kah-Lo enlisted on collaborative duties that adds the cherry on top of this effortlessly confident release.

‘It Girl’ sets the heated soundscape in tact with the emphatic bass line setting the tone from the moment the track begins, with that booming bass line and crunchy percussion enforcing that eye-catching nature into the colour palate that is further accentuated by the smooth vocal lines of Kah-Lo that meld into the powerful mix with ease. Associanu and Karma Fields make their presence felt with a lively and energetic instrumentation bass that bounces off the charismatic melodies and provides plenty of buoyancy and power to the already ferocious production.

“‘It Girl’ is meant to capture an attitude – fun, sassy, badass, effortless charm – the sensation of walking into a party, feeling good about yourself, like ‘you are IT…girl’” – Associanu

out now via: Sweat It Out
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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