US producer warner case continues to provide us with ridiculously addictive music each and every time he drops with the release of his brand new EP ‘dance music for dancing, vol. 3’, which as the name suggests has the sole objective of getting you up and moving with its thick and powerful dance influence injecting a hefty dose of movement into your system immediately.

‘dance music for dancing, vol. 3’ centres itself around powerful instrumentation that sends shockwaves through your speakers with sheer grit and force as we progress through, whether that be from the juicy bass line or the thumping beats providing plenty of power through the foundations of the tracks. warner case elevates the mixes to insane heights with soaring synths piercing through alongside the infectiousness of the repeated vocals that cement their place in your head immediately upon your first listen.

“This EP is really exciting for me, since it spans a large range of the types of music I like to make. there’s vibier stuff, heavier stuff… but only good stuff that makes me wanna dance. The songs represent years of demos, some which I only recently figured out how to finish, and some which seemed to finish themselves instantly.” – Warner Case

out now via: Headroom Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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