It’s been nearly 5 years since we last heard from Vallis Alps in their self-titled debut EP, and now the electronic duo are making up for lost time with the highly anticipated release of their new single ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’, a playful and buoyant offering filled with stirring vocals and empowering instrumentation that depicts a journey of making key decisions in ones life and the emotions associated.

Vallis Alps waste no time in the early stages of the release with the jubilant percussion coming to the forefront alongside Parissa Tosif‘s enchanting vocals that sets the pristine soundscape in tact immediately. ‘Set It Off, Set It Right’ elevates itself significantly with the splashes of colour thrown about the mix, whether that be the spirited synths that sets an atmospheric bliss across the spectrum or the emphatic synth bass that sends the chorus to incredible heights which collectively brings plenty of passion and emotion to the jam-packed production on offer.

“‘Set It Off, Set It Right’ encapsulates the confusion, pain and delight in the breaking points before major life decisions. We built the sonic landscape around handclaps; the sound of hands coming together in the opening seconds of the song felt intimate and primal and ultimately set the tone for a slow crescendo of imperfect instruments – toy pianos, iPhone-memo glockenspiel, detuned synths, yells – culminating into a halftime pressure-release at the end of the song that resolves the tension built throughout.” – Vallis Alps

out now via: Vallis Alps
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