Following on from supporting the likes of Nick Ward and daine, Australian newcomer nuum continues to make major waves in the scene with the release of his new EP ‘nu world’, a cross-genre delight that provides sparsity and uplift within each of the highly engaging soundscapes on offer that injects a hefty dose of positivity within your lives.

‘nu world’ does what its namesake suggests and challenges the conventions of contemporary music with a buoyancy that engages the listener immediately upon their first encounter with the soundscape. With a significant depth in production on offer, nuum utilises an array of organic and electronic instrumentation to get his messages across that set the buzzing foundations in tact for those laid-back vocals to stand tall in the centre of the mix.

‘”nu world” is my Second EP out in the world and represents me stepping into a new found confidence in myself, putting my foot down and owning who I am, and that I am here to stay. The EP was birthed from a very tumultuous period of my life and signifies me freeing myself from old mentalities, moving forward from them.” – nuum

out now via: nuum
artist connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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