Following on from support duties with electronic powerhouse ODESZA, Los Angeles-based producer NASAYA continues to bring contagiousness to dance floors across the world with the release of his new EP ‘RÊVES’, a four-track release that dives deep into the darkened electronic world with a central focus on hard-hitting and robust instrumentation that truly evokes the rave culture no matter where you are listening.

Featuring previous single ‘RUMMELSBURG’, NASAYA takes listeners on a profound and depth-defying sonic journey filled with several twists and turns in the odyssey on offer where you feel like you’re on the edge of your seat and eagerly awaiting the next plot twist. With enforcing and off-kilter percussion, powerful synth bass and soaring synths that pierce right through the mixes, ‘RÊVES’ ensures that you are left satisfied with a surge of energy injected into your system and energising you long after its finished.

“When I was living in Paris, the change of scenery drew me to start writing some solo music. It felt very liberating for me to write songs on my own. The EP is definitely ‘darker’ and more visceral than songs I’ve previously released. I’ve always wanted to release a project like this because I feel like it’s the only way for me to channel certain emotions – and I feel like this sound is a big part of what I wanted my project to sound like when I originally started it. I don’t think it’s about anything in particular but it does reflect this state of introspection/dreaminess that I experienced when I first moved to Europe. That’s why I named it ‘REVES’ – it means ‘dreams’ in french.” – NASAYA

out now via: Foreign Family
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