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Mietze Conte is a mysterious newcomer hailing from the Austrian Alps who has just released a very interesting three-track ep called “Nervous”.

His style/sound has been dubbed “explosive pop & euro-dance music” and it is sure to stimulate the senes…kinda like an unexpected splash of cold water to the face which feels pretty great after the initial shock/surprise wears off.  

It’s being released via Australian label sumoclic (which is owned/operated by Golden Vessel & Akurei), and it also marks the first signing to the imprint after solely releasing their own music for the last 12 months or so.

Mietze Conte had this to say about the ep, which surprisingly sums it up quite nicely; “🐁😞🥺🫠🤕”

out now via: sumoclic
artist connect: Instagram | TikTok

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