Over the last little period we’ve been blessed with a significant amount of amazing music from Kwaku Asante all in the lead up to his highly-anticipated EP, and now the waiting is over with ‘Wanderlust’ being officially released with its neo-soul brilliance that provides plenty of passion and uplifting instrumentation that you’ll be able to groove to easily.

Throughout the journey of ‘Wanderlust’, Asante opens up with an incredible level of vulnerability through emotionally-gripping lyricism that strikes through with its mesmerising output melting like butter through the shimmering instrumentation on offer. With enlightening guitars, smooth grooves on the percussion and bright keys on offer, ‘Wanderlust’ provides that warming glow all while delivering an introspective message that results in a perfect combination throughout. 

“Wanderlust are stories based on the premise of negative reinforcement. I know what I don’t want so it should also help me find what I crave. A place of refuge a safe space where I can be myself. These songs are a collection of stories in which I am wrong for the person or it is wrong for me. Existing in a world where events constantly effect our daily experiences, a person you’re with should bring you peace and not anguish.” – Kwaku Asante

out now via: Kwaku Asante
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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