Fresh from supporting long-time collaborator Flume at Coachella and across the US and UK, KUČKA changes things up with a more softened and gentle release in her new single ‘Not There’, a minimalistic and eerie release that provides plenty of space in the mix for those enchanting vocals to truly shine. 

‘Not There’ maintains a minimalism throughout its journey across the instrumentation, with the deepened percussion and enlightening keys setting the tone for the soundscape to evoke a sense of wonder and allure in the landscape. KUČKA‘s captivating melodies take centre stage in this release, with the instrumentation taking a step back in their manipulation which allows the vocals to command you attention with their raw beauty that ultimately leaves you in stunned in awe.

“I was working on my computer one night and this repeating scene of rain on a skyscraper window came up. It seemed really lonely somehow, even though it looked so pretty. I played the synth part to match the vibe of that and had it looping for ages. The lyrics came later – I actually wrote them with my wife Dillon and they are a patchwork of both of our experiences.” – KUČKA

out now via: LuckyMe / Soothsayer
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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