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With news of a debut album titled ‘Absolute Heartbreak’ on its way in January 2023, Oregon-based artist Khai Dreams continues to shine with their sublime ‘bedroom/pop’ stylings with the release of ‘Rats’, an indie gem that travels through in an easy-going manner with plenty of uplift to go around.

‘Rats’ provides a summer-influenced soundscape with its laid-back demeanour throughout the duration, mainly through the use of the driving acoustic guitar chord strumming that sets the tone from the outset all while the brittle percussion provides plenty of grit amongst the crunchy mix on offer. These key elements set the perfect foundations for Dreams’ soothing melodies that float majestically across the top of the podium and meld in beautifully with the jam-packed production. 

“The song started when I was listening to ‘white summer and green bicycle, red hair with black guitar’ by The Pillows. The lyrics and melody of the intro just came to me when I was listening to that song. I wrote the rest of the song at a time when I was feeling extremely burnt out and depressed. I felt like I had no control over my life anymore. There were things I did and situations I found myself in that were very jarring and confusing to me, because I was not really present for it.” – Khai Dreams

out now via: AWAL
artist connect: Instagram | Twitter

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