Vancouver-based songwriter and producer Hotel Decor continues to experiment with his cross-genre stylings by gifting us two utterly captivating new singles titled ‘Grand Theft Auto’ and ‘Red Car Syndrome’, both providing listeners with a contrast in colour and tempo that showcases the range and skillset of the rising artist who seems to be getting more impressive with each and every release.

When we dive into ‘Grand Theft Auto’ first up, Hotel Decor wastes absolutely no time and brings the groove to the front of the pack immediately with an addictive percussive pattern setting the tone amongst the warm synths that set quite a vibrant platform for the playful vocals to bounce around the jam-packed mix. On the other side of the spectrum, ‘Red Car Syndrome’ slows things down with a more restrained and laid-back feel to the percussion, with a more industrialised sound palate adopted alongside the buzzing bass line and echoed vocals giving a whole different vibe to the overall landscape on offer.

‘Thematically RCS is kind of about faking it till you make it, in terms of personal and emotional growth. GTA is about getting your hopes up too early, which I find myself guilty of constantly. Sonically I think there’s a nice contrast between the 2 tracks, GTA being much more upbeat and dancey. RCS being much warmer and vibier.’ – Hotel Decor

out now via: Hotel Decor
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