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Australian electronic producer Golden Features continues his collaborative partnership with Melbourne-based vocalist Rromarin for a dark and brooding new single titled ‘Endit’ which encapsulates plenty of grit and force within its production base that intertwines with Rromarin‘s gentle vocals with ease to provide that menacing presence overall.

Golden Features brings the emphatic nature to ‘Endit’ immediately with the swarming synth bass encapsulating the backdrop of the mix all while the tight-nit beats and rising synths come to the forefront to bring plenty of drive to the soundscape. With Rromarin‘s haunting vocals floating across the top of the instrumentation, Golden Features perfectly manipulates the production to not only allow plenty of room for the vocals to shine with their delicacy, but work in cohesion with the enforcing instrumentation to truly intensify the track to astonishing heights.

“‘Endit’’ was developed over a couple of years and has been through 4 or 5 distinctly different versions…Similar to “Touch” the final version crystallised when I brought over vocals Rromarin had recorded for another song and instantly knew that was it. In retrospect I realise it kind of serves as a cornerstone for the rest of the album and despite almost quitting on it multiple times it turned out to be one of my favourite songs on the record.” – Golden Features

out now via: Foreign Family / Ninja Tune / Warner Music Australia 
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