This time last year Australian duo Flight Facilities gave us quite an exceptional album titled “FOREVER” which played a big part in soundtracking my summer and I still have it on high-rotation now. 

Today they’re giving us a two-track ep called “Lost Forever” which is a sort of pseudo-epilogue to that album, representing their journey since its release. The songs are titled ‘Feel It’ and ‘Planet Claire’, and together they offer up almost 10-minutes of blissful electro-house feels. 

“It’s already been 12 months since we released our last album. Several tracks were left on the cutting room floor of FOREVER, but it felt wrong to leave them unreleased. ‘Planet Claire’ has formed an integral part of our live show in the past 6-12 months, and it’s our little homage to a favourite artist, Booka Shade. ‘Feel It’ was one of the first demo’s we wrote after Down To Earth. We’ve sat on it for years, constantly updating and picking at it, eventually adding vocals from Owl Eyes. There’s a certain magic in this tune that captures the nostalgia of us messing around in the studio together.” ~ Flight Facilities

out now via: Future Classic
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