Florida-based artist Kaelin Ellis and Toronto-based producer The Kount have come through with one of the smoothest and most comforting collaborative projects we’ve seen in a while with the release of their ‘VIGNETTE’ LP, a thirteen-track multi-genre offering that provides effortless swagger and groove with its carefree attitude that instantly provides listeners with a level up in their attitude.

With elements of jazz and lo-fi hip-hop infused sounds scattered across the track list, there is no stone left unturned in this charismatic offering that keeps you highly engaged in every single second of the release. Kaelin Ellis and The Kount provide a quirkiness to their instrumentation whilst ensuring an uncompromising groove is central to each pieces construction that elevates each and every soundscape to incredible heights.

out now via: The Kount x Kaelin Ellis
Kaelin Ellis: InstagramTwitter | TikTok
The Kount: Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

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