Let’s get the weekend started just right with plenty of swagger and groove courtesy of the latest thumper from Australian producer Sonny Grin alongside KP Hydes titled ‘Smile’, a multi-genre offering filled with plenty of sublime instrumentation and free-flowing melodies that provides listeners with the perfect podium to get their groove on immediately.

With KP Hydes’ crooning vocals providing plenty of charisma and commanding presence across the soundscape, Sonny Grin works in perfect cohesion with the vocals to build the narrative subtly yet swiftly to ensure plenty of uptempo goodness throughout the release. Whether that be the playful groove in the drums, or the rising nature of the synths and pads that are met with the ultra-smooth bass line, Sonny Grin ensures plenty of vibrancy and flavour is on display for us all to bask in.

Fans can catch Sonny Grin on his forthcoming RACHA EP Tour Shows on the below dates:
4/10 – Monash University [Melbourne]
6/10 – Gasometer [Melbourne] supported by Finn Irregular and Elysia
14/10 – Vanguard [Sydney] supported by Lamalo and K!D
22/10 – 130 Art Studios [Wollongong] supported by Angelo The Poet and Dennis Dinuto
4/11 – Sideway [Canberra] – supported by KP Hydes and Ike(from)pluto

out now via: Sonny Grin
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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