LA hip-hop artist SIDIZEN KING brings through a joyful offering filled with motivation to enjoy the present with his new single ‘Sugar Lemon Tree’, a track that utilises a significant injection of positivity with its uplifting soundscape and playful melodies that is quite an appealing release that you’ll instantly find yourself loving.

‘Sugar Lemon Tree’ invites us into a welcoming journey from the word go with those glowing guitars and joyous whistles setting the warm tone immediately, all while KING’s charismatic vocals continue to strengthen this notion by taking us inside the narrative on offer and leaving us hanging off every single word. The playfulness ensures it maintains its centralised focus in the core of the track with insertions of resounding horns accentuating the uplift on offer amongst the laid-back groove intact in the rhythm section.

“At its root “Sugar Lemon Tree” is an invitation to appreciate the present and reframe your trials as the building blocks to your next success. Every day we’re bombarded with new “things” we need to buy, do or become in order to be happy–the goal with this song is to push back on that a bit and suggest that you can be happy now, today, even if you don’t have it all figured out yet.” – SIDIZEN KING

out now via: SIDIZEN KING
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