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Eora/Sydney producer, songwriter and DJ Ninajirachi delivers a masterclass in future-bass with the release of her new single ‘One Long Firework in the Sky’, another glimpse of her forthcoming mixtape ‘Second Nature’ in November that sees her team up with Montaigne on vocals that fans of Flume will absolutely adore with its robust and powerful soundscape on offer.

‘One Long Firework in the Sky’ begins in an inviting and majestic manner, inviting us into the enlightening landscape with a bright and bubbly keys all while an alluring bass line rising through the foundations with a darkened presence that leads swiftly into the booming and emphatic mix that packs a serious punch. Whilst the pounding percussion and soaring synths intensify the production significantly, Ninajirachi provides plenty of room for Montaigne‘s sublime melodies to shine and work in cohesion with the hard-hitting instrumentation that allows the overall piece to reach insane heights. 

“The production was really inspired by Flume, who has been one of my heroes since I was literally 12 years old.” Reflecting on their collaboration, she continues, “Montaigne and I first met at a writing camp in 2018. I was 18 and hadn’t done much co-writing, so I was very nervous. We reconnected in 2020 and had a few sessions, one of them resulting in One Long Firework in The Sky. In our sessions, we spend a lot of time talking about life and our common interests. She’s absurdly talented and such a uniquely interesting artist; it’s an honour to work with her.” – Ninajirachi

out now via: NLV Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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