Brisbane-based musician Lars Night delves deep into a world of nostalgia and brightness with the release of her new single ‘Fool for You’, a glistening track dripping in neo-soul/electronic pop influence with plenty of groove and colour on offer that depicts a tale of frustration many of us would have experienced during lockdowns.

Produced by Lemonade Baby, ‘Fool for You’ immediately levels up your attitude with a charismatic soundscape delivered to your ears immediately with that crunchy rhythmic section of an addictive groove and sublime bass line that sets the tone amongst Night’s stunning vocals and warm keys that evoke that sense of nostalgia across the soundscape. With the jam-packed mix on offer, Night’s vocals stand tall amongst all the goodness that’s on offer in the production and provide an elegance that is very welcomed across the soundscape.

“This song is a satirical window into the financial strain of an artist during the covid pandemic. It expresses my confusion and frustration at the litany of contradictions that surrounded me. Sports stadiums full of thousands but an intimate concert cancelled at the drop of a hat. While this song is specifically through the lens of a creative, it’s dedicated to all those who lost their livelihood. I felt like a fool, at the mercy of decisions outside my control.” – Lars Night

out now via: Lars Night
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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