Australian producer KILTER continues to build on his flourishing collaborative relationship with Brain Flowers through their brand new buzzing single ‘Breakthru’, a bright and electrifying new single filled with plenty of vibrancy and distorted bliss that encompasses a significant amount of groove within.

Kilter evokes the sun-drenched influence immediately in ‘Breakthru’, utilising the warm synths and keys alongside the shiny melodies of Brain Flowers that collectively help the track grow and blossom into the jam-packed chorus. Once we arrive there, we are met with a surge of energy and drive from the thumping percussion and distorted guitars and bass providing plenty of grit into the highly-spirited soundscape on offer.

“Breakthru came together over 15,000km with Toby shooting some great vocal, synth and guitar ideas over to me while I was in Stockholm. I approached the track like a classic sample-based dance record by chopping up a bunch of Toby’s stems into new grooves and then going in with a big SH-101 bassline. The result is hazy and dreamy but definitely bangs.” – Kilter

out now via: etcetc
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