Over the past few months we’ve been graced with several ear-worms from psychedelic-funk multi-instrumentalist Kainalu in the lead up to his forthcoming LP in November, and this week we have been treated to the gracious title track ‘Ginseng Hourglass’ that delivers a hefty amount of funk and nostalgia to our hearts with its glowing touch.

With an ever-glowing summer soundscape on offer throughout, ‘Ginseng Hourglass’ sets itself up with the sole objective of lifting your spirit with its bright and warm instrumentation on offer that takes you on a wonderful sonic journey that builds into an epic climax in the latter stages of the release. Featuring sublime bass line, crunchy percussion, shiny guitars and synths, Kainalu ensures the vibrancy remains in tact all while his ethereal vocals scatter themselves across the mix with a pristine polish overall in their output.

“The contemplation presented by the song climaxes in the bridge: “When you’re life’s run, will you tell it like you turned your lights off? Did you spend it all overly cautious? Were you someone your mother was proud of? Or did you keep running from all of your problems?” This line resonates deeply with me because it was written after I had one of the final conversations with my mother before she passed of stage 4 cancer. In those last moments of her life, she imparted as much love and wisdom upon me to “carry me through the rest of my life” because she knew she wouldn’t be there to help me along.” – Kainalu

out now via: Kainalu
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