Rising act Feather blends the wonders of nature and human connection together on his sophomore EP “We Are For Each Other,” a delicate collection that spans genres and moods in a seamless showcase of sonic diversity and an overarching theme that pays ode to the tranquillity and chaos of nature that surrounds us.

Across seven tracks infused with the creativity of collaboration including Badnights, TRØVES, Sintra, Lockbox, SEGØ, 44hydra and Lumasi, Feather weaves a transportive soundscape that’s as emotive as it’s likely to make us dance along, opening with the upbeat stylings of ‘Glaciers.’

Led by soft vocals laid gently over a hazy instrumentation, the opening track builds slowly and soothingly moving swiftly into the ethereal yet sultry ambience of ‘Let Go,’ which brims with a groovy electro-infused production and husky vocal lines.

With an impressive sonic depth belied by a floaty feel, the tracks manage to be anthemic in certain parts but soothing in others. For instance, we have the danceable quality of ‘Let Go,’ offset by the quiet beats of ‘Fixing Me,’ which feel like a natural extension of preceding track ‘Wasted Time,’ that brings a soulful sensibility to life.

If stand-out number ‘Tell Me,’ with its luscious yet airy soundscape and deep vocal delivery, coming in towards the end of the short but sweet EP is not strong enough proof that this production is worth listening through to the end, the echoing synths of atmospheric number ‘Dusk’ surely drives home this point.

Final and title track ‘We Are for Each Other,’ with layers of ethereal backing vocals and distorted yet pleasant melodies finish off the EP on the same meditative note that’s quietly stretched across the entire body of work, fading away with soft nuances that leave us wanting more.

Hinged on experimentation and an influx of creativity brought by the various featuring artists and producers, “We Are For Each Other,” is a combination of peace and power in equal amounts. Carrying a distinct hypnotic quality through each offering, the EP is based on a foundation of free-flowing creativity bolstered by intricate and clear technical skill courtesy of not just Feather’s own versatility but the individual style of each collaborator.

Described by Feather himself as a carefully crafted product of “delicate sacrifice and compromise,” between the several talents, the EP which is rooted in the ebb and flow of nature as well as the power of human connection, is a success in highlighting every person involved without taking away from the cohesiveness of the sonics as well as the influence of from dominant themes found in the natural world.

Starting off as part of an indie pop band before finding his love for electronic music, Feather has found a space for himself in music where elements of both genres can be married together for a unique musicality that gets your feet tapping along just as much as it can lull you into a comforting trance.

Showcasing his ability to balance dark edges of electronic music with the lush vibrance of pop touches, Feather’s music is one that’s pull you in with innovation and authenticity, this latest production simply one enticing glimpse of what’s likely to be much potential to be unveiled in the future of this emerging talent.

out now via: Feather
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