Eyezic PLEEG combine their forces to take us on a futuristic journey filled with many twists and turns in their collaborative effort ‘Good for Nothing’, a track that draws comparisons to Wave Racer with its sporadic nature in both its off-kilter percussion and the buoyant synths which draw you in immediately with their lusciousness.  

Beginning with plenty of openness to go around, ‘Good for Nothing’ lures you in from the outset with its intrigue on offer through the rising synth bass setting the emphatic tone in the backdrop all while the jubilant synths provide those splashes of colour into the spectrum. With those gentle and soothing vocals floating on top, Eyezic PLEEG shift things into overdrive in the explosive chorus right before pulling us right back into a momentary reprieve whereby the angelic vocals shine with their pristine manipulation right before we are back at the swift chorus and enjoying our last opportunity to lose ourselves amongst the groove on offer. 

“Working with PLEEG was absolutely amazing, it’s so awesome to see how our styles really complimented one another in this collaborative track.” – Eyezic

“I’m very proud to have created a new track with Eyezic, certainly one of the most talented artists I’ve had the opportunity to work with!” – PLEEG

out now via: bitbird
Eyezic: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | SoundCloud
PLEEG: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | TikTok | Spotify | SoundCloud

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