With a string of impressive singles already under her belt this year, Tanzanian/Australian artist Beckah Amani has left listeners in absolute awe with her gripping and emotionally-fuelled releases in the lead up to her debut EP ‘April’, and this week the highly-anticipated release has reached us with flawless vocals and captivating instrumentation that provides a reflective message of care for the world we live in.

Featuring her latest single ‘Smoke And Mirrors’ which features mixing work from none other than Matt Corby, ‘APRIL’ centres itself on gentle and passionate instrumentation that intertwines with Amani’s angelic melodies with absolute ease, and in doing so provides a gentleness that captures the raw emotion that lies within each and every individual offering. 

“For many young people including myself, the climate change crisis is a very real and stressful reality. Particularly centred around our toxic and over consumption of fast fashion, the lyrics of this song details how we have fallen for “painted glitter and shiny little” to the detriment of our environment and our future. The lyrics “smoke and mirrors” refers to the vagueness, misinformation, half truths and confusion that surrounds this issue and the fashion industries lack of activism for the sake of profits and “progress”. – Beckah Amani

out now via: Beckah Amani
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