bbno$ [pronounced baby-no-money] has had an astronomical rise over the past few years, with his trademark charisma and flow standing tall and commanding attention with each and every single and now he’s back with his seventh studio album ‘bag or die’, a fourteen-track offering filled with powerful instrumentation and melodies that you won’t get enough of.

Featuring previous cuts such as ‘top gun’, ‘pogo’ with Diplo and the insanely catchy ‘i see london i see france’, bbno$ finds a way to balance the laid-back feel to his melodies that ooze through the mix all while the smashing supporting instrumentation provides plenty of strength and infectious energy through to your speakers. With blistering synths and bass providing a blistering feel to the foundations of the tracks, bbno$ ensures no stone is left unturned and demands your attention with this extremely appealing collection of sounds on offer.

“‘bag or die’ represents the ethos of bbno$. Enjoy it, it almost killed me.” – bbno$

out now via: bbno$
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