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It’s been a little while since we last heard from Australian producer Arty Ziff, but he’s back and in a mammoth way with a glistening dose of ‘sad disco’ with the release of his new single ‘ByeByeBaby’ which features Jade Alice on vocals for an uplifting soundscape that contrasts to quite an emotional journey.

Swirling away with Alice’s sublime vocals in the initial stages, Arty Ziff provides plenty of space and room in the mix to allow for those crystallised melodies to stand tall all while injecting a small dose of the disco/funk influence through that thumping bass line and crunchy groove in the percussion. Before launching into the chorus, both Ziff and Alice provide a momentary reprieve whereby the pristine keys echo throughout the mix and meld beautifully lead us into the jubilant chorus filled with plenty of addictive groove and nostalgia that you won’t be able to get enough of.

‘ByeByeBaby’ is about the end of a relationship and not wanting to accept that it is really over. Realising the mistakes that you have made and wanting to try and fix it but the other person has already moved on. The sound is reminiscent of early 2010s house but with a modern disco influence. – Arty Ziff

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out now via: Gyrostream
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