After months and months of teasing, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has finally come through with the goods through the release of his long-awaited second full-length album ‘When the Lights Go’, a seventeen-track journey filled with stunning soundscapes and infectious grooves that transport you away from the mundane nature of the real world and into a new dimension of captivation and wonder.

Following on from ‘Blood In Snow’, ‘The Sleeper’, ‘Crosswalk’, ‘Forever’, ‘Never Seen You Dance’ and the title track released just last week, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs builds on the foundations set in the previous releases and continues to provide an openness and atmospheric bliss towards each of the offerings within the album. This is achieved with a polished manner in the production of each instrument, such as the striking pianos and tantalising synths that provide plenty of vibrancy and commanding nature to the soundscapes, as well as the uncompromising groove of the smooth bass lines and uplifting percussion setting the tone in the backdrop. The journey that ‘When the Lights Go’ takes you on ensures that you’ll be grooving at astronomical heights that you won’t be able to come down from any time soon. 

“I’m so thrilled to be putting these songs out. This music is about love and the end of the world. I wouldn’t recommend a ten year gap between albums to anyone, but somehow it’s still been worth it for me. I’m very grateful to the people who have nudged and encouraged me along the way, and to the listeners who have reminded me that they expected a second album!” – Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Make sure you check out Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ upcoming tour on the below dates then click here for more information.

out now via: Nice Age Music / I OH YOU / Liberator Music
artist connect: Facebook l Twitter l Instagram l SoundCloud

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