If you’re looking for something smooth to soundtrack your day with, look no further than this new single from Australian producer Sonny Grin

He’s teamed up with British neo-soul singer Jeyaia for a great new single called ‘All I Need’ which is oozing with summery disco-dance feels that are sure to get your hips sliding. It’s also the second preview of Sonny Grin’s upcoming debut ep “RACHA”, so we can rest-assured there is more of this goodness coming our way very soon. 

“Sharing a lot of the same neo-soul and jazz influences, we had a really fun time blending those elements with a housey, dance feel. We wanted the song to have those energetic, live instrumental elements alongside a personable vocal that floated on top of the upbeat groove. I think fans of our respective projects will be able to get around this one!” ~ Sonny Grin

“Sonny had the track down in under an hour. Starting with the jazz chords, then live drums, followed by the bass lick and additional percussion. We spent the day in the studio and added the choral vocal background hook, blending it into the instrumental. I took the initial bounce home and channelled the lyrics and melody with the full moon. The track certainly evolved over the year, and now it’s finally ready to make its mark on the world.” ~ says Jeyaia

out now via: Sonny Grin
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