Slow Magic continues to leave his loyal listeners spellbound and begging for more with his brand new single ‘222’, a bright and bubbly release filled with enthralling synths and grooving beats that inject a hefty amount of vibrancy into the jam-packed mix on offer.

Grabbing your attention with the rising synths breaking through the surface, ‘222’ sets the tone immediately with a focus on the booming bass line and off-kilter nature of the beats creating a hypnotic effect alongside the swirling vocal samples scattered around the mix. As we build with the ever-growing depth on offer within the production, Slow Magic adds further shades of colour to the spectrum with bubbly synths setting us up for an explosion of sound in the chorus sections whereby pure passion and groove is on display at its ultimate levels that you can’t help but immersing yourself within.

“222 has always been my favourite number. Well technically “2” but 22 and 222 are equally great in my opinion. I’m so happy to share new music with the world and to me this new music represents being as true to myself as I possibly can. I took a step back and reflected on the past 10 years of Slow Magic and tried to connect to the real heart and soul of the project. I am incredibly happy with the results and I hope you will be too <3 Remember don’t be afraid of nostalgia.” – Slow Magic

out now via: Slow Magic
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