I’m a pretty big fan of Norwegian artist Jerry Folk and was very excited to be asked to premiere his latest release, which is in-fact a double single release titled “sadsongwtf / All The Things” that will be seen on his upcoming album project “Castle Tapes”, and I have to say it’s been the perfect soundtrack to my day so far! 

“Sadsongwtf / All the things’ is a double single and the second release towards my upcoming project Castle Tapes. It further plays with the palette I’ve been inspired to use the last years and is a result of me wanting to create things with high energy coming out of covid. Probably because of the lack of input I got from going out and things like that”. ~ Jerry Folk

“sadsongwtf / All The Things” hits the stores tomorrow via Folkestad Recordings but you can check it out right here, right now! 

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