Naarm/Melbourne-based producer FOURA brings forth a dark and brooding club offering alongside the sublime vocals of NIK NAVY in their new single ‘Promise’, a track that showcases plenty of vigour and mysteriousness amongst the swirling production base that has plenty of deepened power within.

With the synths setting the allure in tact in the introductory period of ‘Promise’, FOURA keeps us on the hook with the rising nature of the narrative building through NAVY’s eerie melodies and the emphatic kick drum that leads us into the intensified chorus period. As we arrive, we are met with a industrialised drum pattern that provides an off-kilter feel to the mix, all while the commanding synths make their presence felt in providing that explosion of sound and passion into the soundscape. 

out now via: NLV Records
artist connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Tik Tok

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