Eric Sharp is coming back to us this week with a dark late-night thumper called ‘Waking Dreams’ which has him teaming up with fellow Los Angles production duo tau0n, and it’s also his debut release on DND RECS.

As they share below, ‘Waking Dreams’ was spawned from a mutual deep reverence for the dance music culture, and with its deep-house elements blended with hints of techno and those dynamic vocal layers, I’d say they’ve done the music culture real proud. 

“Waking Dreams is inspired by dance floor nostalgia, and is born out of a deep reverence for dance music culture. Many of our lives have been touched by so many moments, hearing incredible sets in throngs of people leaving their worries behind to just groove. The vocals speak to those magical experiences, shared with strangers, which connect us to source and change our lives for the better!” ~ Eric Sharp & Tau0n

out now via: DND RECS
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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