British-born/Melbourne-based producer Dave Machine returns for the first time this year with his multi-genre bending best in the form of his new EP ‘Digital Haze 001’, a four-track release that sees house and UK garage influence on display with plenty of groove and energy to go around.

Throughout the journey of ‘Digital Haze 001’, it is simply impossible to ignore the uptempo and energetic nature that is on display in each and every offering provided. Dave Machine finds a way to meld all of these various realms of influence into a quirky and off-kilter output that sees enforcing beats combine with soaring and bright synths that ensure a bright yet commanding soundscape for punters across the globe to get right amongst the infectious energy on display.

“I love these genres but find that they can be quite serious a lot of the time. I thought it would be interesting to introduce a more playful side, like you can hear in the LA beat scene. I have an obsession with synthesisers and love to experiment with making weird sounds.” – Dave Machine

out now via: Dave Machine
artist connect: Instagram | Soundcloud 

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