Cosmo’s Midnight have a brand-new party-tune to share with us today called ‘BREAKTHROUGH’ which has them teaming up with two Japanese artists, SIRUP and Shin Sakiura, and the result is a funky little disco inspired treat that is going to get you grooving right into the weekend. 

I’ve been a fan of Cosmo’s Midnight since I first heard them on SoundCloud when I was just an average music listener in my 20s. As for SIRUP, he’s my close friend but is always making the best music and is a source of inspiration for me. It was like a dream come true to watch the song come together through online sessions and exchanging data through email. Thanks to the help of everyone on the team, we’ve created a super fun and awesome disco funk track, so look forward to it guys!!!” ~ Shin Sakiura (via Instagram)

out now via: Suppage Records
artist connect: Facebook I Twitter I Instagram I Soundcloud

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